• Personality

    A super-intelligent and super-active dog–that’s what you get when you get a Doberman Pinscher. You also get an extremely loyal, trustworthy dog who’s playful and fun-loving with family. They’re a natural protector who won’t hesitate to act when they think their family is under threat, but they’re not aggressive without reason.

    The Dobie likes to be busy, physically and mentally. They learn quickly, and training them is easy. Because they learn so fast, it’s challenging to keep lessons fresh and interesting. They can have their own ideas about things, though typically they’re not overly stubborn or willful with an owner who provides consistent, kind leadership.

    The Dobie takes a while to grow up. They remain puppyish until they’re three to four years old.

    Temperament is affected by a number of factors, including heredity, training, and socialization. Puppies with nice temperaments are curious and playful, willing to approach people and be held by them. Meeting the dog’s parents, siblings, or other relatives may also prove helpful for evaluating what a puppy will be like when they grow up.

    Like every dog, the Dobie needs early socialization–exposure to many different people, sights, sounds, and experiences–when they’re young. Socialization helps ensure that your Dobie puppy grows up to be a well-rounded dog.

    Enrolling them in a puppy kindergarten class is a great start. Inviting visitors over regularly and taking your pup to busy parks, stores that allow dogs, and on leisurely strolls to meet neighbors will also help them polish their social skills.